After Shock

It’s been a while I knew about you. So busy these days but… 2 days ago, unconditionally I got good news from you.

Congratulation for you Engagement dear!

Well that was shock moment for me. I never stalk again for long time. But why God is like got me to know this news. Yeah little shock but the impact? WOW!

Sorry because I couldn’t express my love towards you. All I can is stand for only looking at you. No moving just quite.

But once, congratulation. You deserve her. I thought she is very beautiful and special for you. I hope you and her happy ever after.

It’s okay for me. I have to leave my little hopes behind. I can not show you who I am yet. Just I want is when you read this you pray for me to be better and I hope I have a someone who really care and love me too.

Thankyou for being my muse. Now really good goodbye. Happy for you and her.^^


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